Reasons for cleaning with water

Using water is the only way to get really clean

Would you clean your dirty car just by using dry paper? Hardly. The photographer Jonathan Heyer is always in demand, and he shows what everyday situations would look like if we were not able to use water for cleaning: gloomy prospects.

Your benefitsAt a glance

  • All day long: a shower toilet cleans, refreshes and unleashes a whole new sense of well-being
  • That special feeling of freshness: enjoy a fresh-out-of-the-shower feeling each time you use the toilet
  • A striking difference: sparkle with confidence all day long
  • Right on trend: Anal showers are the new normal around the world now
  • Because you deserve it: Experts agree that water is not only the most gentle thing for your skin, but also the only thing that will get you really clean

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Mera, Sela or Tuma?Find the perfect shower toilet

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